Round 2

This weekend I had my second little piece of heaven. I revisited the Grigna mountain range, this time from a different altitude.  Around 3 o’clock in the afternoon, I decided to climb this mountain (5,500 feet!). As the hike began, I was invigorated from a night of restful sleep.  As I hiked I observed many of the beautiful sights I saw before, but I lacked the curiosity from the first time.  There is nothing like exploring a place for the first time, when all your senses open to absorb the world around you.


Desiring something more, I continued up!  Arriving at 3,000 feet I found myself surrounded by dead trees, still lacking the thrill I had been chasing.  Realizing that it was only 2 hours to the peak of the mountain, I started trekking upwards!  I was only 30 minutes in when I began to feel immense exhaustion; My feet ached from the jagged path and my thighs twitched from the constant incline.  The path lead directly up without reprieve!  As I crawled upwards I began a battle within myself.  One moment I was determined and kept a strong pace, the next I was questioning if I could physically take another step.  While this battle carried on inside of me, I continued to place one foot in front of the other.

After 2 hours of trekking up, the end was in sight!  At last, I saw the house, a little sanctuary at the top of the mountain.  I threw my hands up in the air! I did it!

FullSizeRender (1)

This hike reminded me of an important lesson. Determination can get you anywhere in life, you just have to believe in yourself and your abilities.  Sometimes you may feel weak, but just keeping small steps forward and eventually you will reach your goals!  Don’t let the negative voice in your head stop you!  You can do it!


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